K75403 Vengeance Red Gloss VWS IV

Red Metallic Gloss 100 micron Cast Vehicle Wrapping Film

Semi permanent adhesive
2 years

AiRelease Liner

Vehicle wrapping vinyl, suitable for total vehicle cover, vehicle graphics, signs and decal applications.
Excellent conformability.  Removable, under controlled conditions, up to a period of three years without leaving adhesive transfer.
Exceptional dimensional stability and long term durability suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The combination of soft vinyl formulation and specific adhesive design allows the film to be removed using heat and/or chemicals up to a period of three years from a range of substrates subject to exceptions covered in the warranty.


Vengeance Red Gloss
Thickness 100 micron
Construction Double cast
Durability 5-7 years
Availability US,UK

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